My raw chocolates are carefully prepared with all the delicacy of a handcrafted manufacture.

Muriel Saragoni

To sweeten the chocolate, I use the nectar and sap of flower,the honey of our mountains or the coconut flower according to the texture sought.

Fruits, flowers and aromatic plants of our pre-alpine terroir come to perfume my cocoa while strengthening its properties. Fresh plants are extracted thanks to a secret gentle technique. This makes it possible to capture all their active ingredients and their aromas.

The Plant pearl

I use only the cocoa beans of a native variety of South America of the oldest and rarest.

These precious trees are not very productive and very susceptible to disease. They therefore ask to be cultivated with great care in a non-polluted environment.

Their beans bring a rich and filling, deep and delicate taste for a chocolate without bitterness and with a great taste. 

Highly sought after, they are reserved for the manufacture of the best black chocolates.